This is an HTML5 remake of the Android game called ATC, which in turn was inspired by the Commodore 64 game called Kennedy Approach.


Your goal is to guide planes to their destination, avoiding mid-air collisions.

  • Select a plane in the list. ex: N958 DEN-JFK
  • The first set of letter is their callsign (N958). The first set of 3 letters is where it came from (DEN). The second set of letters is its destination (JFK).
  • Click the heading and altitude buttons to guide the plane towards its destination.
  • Have the planes fly at 5000 when leaving the screen, or land at DEN.

NOTE: Planes turn 45 degrees and change 1000 altitude per square.


This is mostly done. Here's what's missing:

  • Detect close calls
  • Different colors for different altitudes
  • Hold marker
  • Sounds

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